What is Tharvia?

It is place behind this reality. Place, where are living many kinds of creatures and spieces. Place, full of strange castles, tombs and … Schools. You’ll see. Through Comic series with original digital painted artworks, you can see story, and through game, you can be part of it, have fun and explore it.
This is Harunis’s original project – from story, through planning, concepts, game design, graphics, to design of this page. Yeah, i am Harunis and i love to do this for you, so please concider supporting me so i can do this regullary. And Welcome! I am glad you are here and you dare to visit this world, brave traveller.
Thank you visiting, and i hope you will stay.
It is Multimedial project about storyes in original fantasy world, displayed in Comic, Artworks and Game, hopefully supported by you, so if you want this to grow, check my Patreon. You can also get there extra things.

For your best experience:

  1. Check on home page are all blog posts. There are all news, blog posts, newest artworks, game and web updates, everything. There you can see how world and story grow.
  2. See newest comic page. It is on right side of this page, and list of pages is under it.
  3. Then see extra artworks, characters, and doodles on menu.
  4. Game is under development.

Dive in to this world, watch artwork series, read comic, play game and see all.