Hello, and welcome to foirst alpha of Tharvia pages!

Now, after full days, figuring out wordpress with themes and stuff, it is finally usable i hope. You can read comic, post a comment, sign to RSS feed to get news and enjoy all of this.

I hope you like it!

New comic page will appear very soon, i am planning maybe 2 pages per day, because i need to tell you base of this story. But, it is non-payed work and i need to pay my bills from something, so until i get at least minimal support from you (blue picture here on right), i am not promising nothing daily regular.

By the way, i am looking for work every time nowdays. I have bad times… no work, no money, so if you know anyone that needs illustration, design, storyboarding, animation or basic 3D works, please tell me.


Every suggestion and maybe help write to comments here please.


Thank you,